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Healthy Body.
Happy Mind.

How daily exercise, organic eating and positive mindset can boost your energy & improve your life.

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Sabrina Woods

Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach


Let's Meet

I'm Sabrina, An Expert at Realizing Your Potential & Bringing Out Your Best Efforts!

I have trusted, believed in, worked with and earnestly enjoyed training & coaching my "clients" consistently for the past 26 years. I use the word "clients" in quotations because my "clients" are fantastic people I have found long-term success with both professionally and personally. My "clients" are extraordinary women, men, and children, of all ages and from varied walks of life. We see eye to eye in regards to respect, maximization of time, safety, liability and an unmistakeable dedication to reach for a goal and always be learning. I have always felt strongly that we are the company we keep and I am absolutely delighted to see the productive cooperation between me and my clients on a daily basis. Steadily and surely, I can proudly relay my clients and I have created evident solutions for staying in shape, increasing flexibility, eating healthy, being energetic and feeling happy!!!

It is my greatest accomplishment, honor, privilege and deliberate intention to call what I love to do every day of my life my career and I am always wanting to share that enthusiasm for health, fitness and motivation with others. I assure you I am very different than anyone you have worked with before and I honestly look forward to meeting you and learning about your life and what is important for you to achieve at this point. 

My Services


Personal Training


Aerial Arts

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Mindset Coaching

Happy Clients!

Happy Comments!

“I have never worked out this long before in my entire life! Before Sabrina I hated exercise and quit doing it every time.”

“I have been coming to Sabrina over two decades. She is not allowed to retire. She is hired for life!!!”

“I can count on Sabrina to work around my schedule, as well as begin and end the session on time - she always gets it done!”

Our Location

Our Location

307 Pomona Dr. - Suite E
Greensboro, NC 27407

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